Newsequentialid error validating

Note Varchar(max), nvarchar(max), varbinary(max), xml and large UDT values are stored directly in the data row, up to a limit of 8000 bytes and as long as the value can fit the record.If the value does not fit in the record, a pointer is sorted in-row and the rest is stored out of row in the LOB storage space. TEXTIMAGE_ON only changes the location of the "LOB storage space", it does not affect when data is stored in-row.For more information, see Indexes on Computed Columns.Any computed columns that are used as partitioning columns of a partitioned table must be explicitly marked PERSISTED.--Disk-Based CREATE TABLE Syntax CREATE TABLE [ database_name . For more information about File Tables, see File Tables (SQL Server).

Is an expression that defines the value of a computed column.PERSISTED Specifies that the SQL Server Database Engine will physically store the computed values in the table, and update the values when any other columns on which the computed column depends are updated.Marking a computed column as PERSISTED lets you create an index on a computed column that is deterministic, but not precise.The expression cannot be a subquery or contain alias data types.Computed columns can be used in select lists, WHERE clauses, ORDER BY clauses, or any other locations in which regular expressions can be used, with the following exceptions: Based on the expressions that are used, the nullability of computed columns is determined automatically by the Database Engine.

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